Taking The Hit: At The Agrestic

Here at the Agrestic, we're waiting for you,

To relieve you from pain, and anxiety too.

Purple Hindu Kush from Hood Oil

We have edibles to eat, and extracts to dab,

We have cartridges to vape - all tested by the lab.  

From THC to CBD, all cannabinoids abound,

In great quality product; no impurities to be found.

Or stick with the classic, but try not to choke!

We've got some pretty amazing flower to smoke.

Choose one of our hybrids, like UK Cheese,

Super Lemon Haze from Voyage

Or one of our crosses of GSC.

If Sativa's your jam and you're lookin for that,

Come check out our Sour D or some Jack !

Or maybe an Indica's more of your style,

So sit back and puff on this Kush for a while.

We have all sorts of strains for you to explore,

So come on down and start the tour!! :)