Taking The Hit: Dark Chocolate CBD Medbar from Gaia

Dark Chocolate CBD Medbar from Gaia

Dark Chocolate CBD Medbar from Gaia

Amount Ingested:  ~1/16 of bar; ~5.75mg CBD
Intent: Help with anxiety and stomach pain resulting from food intolerances
Adjacent Intoxicants:  None for the entire day prior (was taken in evening); later added a hit of THC flower, but the edible had long since taken effect by then.
Taken on an empty stomach?  Yes except for a few handfuls of Cheetos

I picked up this bar after realizing that the Cheetos I'd eaten with (let's be honest: for) lunch contained milk products which were almost certain to cause a lot of stomach pain and nausea.  Not only would this bar be a CBD dose lasting hours, taking it in a form that sent it straight to my stomach and digestive system was ideal for the stomach pain and nausea I expected.  By the time I was able to take it, I was about 1.5 hours away from when I expected symptoms to start - just in time.  

The bar is scored into 4 pieces of about 23 milligrams each.  I have a very low CBD tolerance so this would be way too much for me.  I broke it down into smaller sections; for people who find a single vape hit or small flower hit of CBD to be sufficient, I recommend the same.

About an hour later (my normal activation time for edibles), I felt a calm, comfortable tingle all over my body.  It was incredibly relaxing.  The stomach pain I was dreading never made an appearance, though the nausea did, right on schedule.  I eventually added a moderate hit of indica flower (9 lb. Hammer from Love Life Farms, if anyone is curious), which pretty successfully kicked that.  Even before the heavy indica, I felt like the bar was fairly sedating.  If I was to take it mid-day, I would take close to half of what I had this time.  

Taste-wise, the bar tasted exactly like a normal dark chocolate bar (which I was thrilled about, being newly lactose intolerant and struggling to find chocolate and all).  None of the dreaded  cannabis taste.  For price and the potency, there's really no comparable CBD edible that I've found.

I would recommend this product for pain, anxiety, and sleep.  I would also recommend it to rec customers who enjoy a body high but want to avoid cloudiness.  I would not recommend this for nausea or depression, as I noticed no change in those areas.  I would also caution about using it during the daytime as it may be sedating for certain people at certain doses.

All in all, this edible has been a fantastic, and economical, experience.  It did almost everything I was hoping it would do, and it did it well.  As a bonus, I'll be working on this bar for quite some time because of the potency.

Highly recommend!