Taking The Hit: Moisture Like Smoke

Groggy eyes,

And grey-filled skies:

A precursor to seasonal depression.


An expression of life,

Upon which weather brings strife.


Sour Banana Sherb. grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

Keep your head held high,

For this Winter will quickly roll by,

And The Flower’s echoing cry,

Will try to say good-bye,

To any blue emotions of pain, solidarity,

Or what it is to die.


No one argues with chemistry.


It’s a deficiency.


An ancient, fundamental human need,

But physiologically,

It’s our dependency on vitamin D;

A necessary nutrient that the sun supplies me.


Tangie grown by Frontier Farms

So like childhood memories,

Let's dance and sing,

And hope these skies transition from azure to ash.


An early Northwest November morning

We stand frigid in the freezing wind,

Respiring this moisture like smoke.