Deal of the Day! 11.22.17

At North today our Deal of the Day is Mendo Breath! Mendo Breath is a Sativa hybrid strain grown by Higher Minds Horticulture. Mendo Breath is reduced today from R $14.40 / M $12 to R $13.20 / M $11. Mendo Breath tests at 20.6% THC.

At South today our Deal of the Day is Blue Magoo! Blue Magoo is an Indica hybrid strain grown by Deep Creek Gardens. Blue Magoo is reduced today from R $13.20 / M $11 to R $12 / M $10. Blue Magoo tests at 15.7% THC.

The Agrestic South will be open on Thanksgiving, November 23rd, from 9 AM to 3 PM. The Agrestic North will be closed. 

Cascade Valley and The Agrestic.jpg

Upcoming events include our December Vendor Days! We are featuring a great local farm: Cascade Valley Cannabis! Cascade Valley will be visiting The Agrestic North on Saturday, December 2nd and The Agrestic South on Saturday, December 9th to set up a table and talk with our customers. We will be announcing the exact times that Cascade Valley will be in our shops soon.