Taking The Hit: Voyage Cartridges

GG Phil 1g cartridge from Voyage

GG Phil 1g cartridge from Voyage

If you've been into one of the stores in the last two weeks you've probably noticed a less expensive cartridge has hit the menu. The Voyage cartridges offer a quality vape cartridge option at a price we'd all hoped would become a reality. A CO2 extracted oil gives you the assurance that no unnatural chemicals are being inhaled with your hits, just cannabis oil. The oil that you find in the Voyage brand cartridges is a very pretty and clear amber color that would entice any cartridge enthusiast.

Thus far we are happy that zero of these cartridges have been returned and it seems that cartridge companies across the industry have stepped up their reliability game in recent months. Something we know has been a thorn in the side of customers everywhere, us included.

Through our own testing we have found a couple pointers to help maximize the experience of using your Voyage Cartridge. The first being battery power. While this style of cartridge works with an auto-draw style of battery, you will likely need one that allows you to vary your voltage output. The Voyage cartridges that we have experimented with all preferred a high voltage setting than many other brands. But once you find that right setting for your battery, you receive all of the effects you're used to expecting from a cartridge.

The second pointer is to make for sure you do not tighten the cartridge down all the way onto the battery. Not only does this compress the internals of the battery, leading to more failures, but it can also block the intake holes on the cartridge, leaving it feeling like there is no airflow. It is important to only tighten your cartridge to the point it first begins to snuggle up against the battery. The draw on the Voyage cartridge is slightly harder than some other companies. I liken it to sipping a milkshake through a straw, instead of a soft drink.

How are the effects you ask? They have been great in my experience! Since I've had my Voyage it has become my primary source of help getting to sleep at night. A task it has happily taken on and has so far worked very well for me. I would recommend the Voyage cartridge anyone who enjoys cartridges, and hope you'll swing by to check out the selection we have on offer.