Taking The Hit: Puffclear Personal Smoke Eliminator

Puffclear Personal Smoke Eliminator

The Puffclear Personal Smoke Eliminator is a small, discrete, air purifier that uses activated carbon to collect smoke and odor from the air being passed through it. I personally used this product to purify smoke from flower products or extracts. There is some resistance to blowing air through the device, so it takes longer to get rid of a lungful of air than just normally exhaling. Usually this isn’t a problem, but if I get a particularly large or hot pull that causes me to cough, blowing the smoke out slowly through the purifier will just make me cough more around the intake.

The packaging says that the filter should be replaced when you see smoke come out the outtake vent or if the product becomes too difficult to blow through. My partner and I have been using ours daily for the past month and it is still absorbing the smoke and most importantly to me, the odor of the cannabis I’ve been using.  It does become more difficult to blow through as the filter begins to fill up but I think there’s another half or whole month left in the life cycle of this product. If you need to be careful of your use around family or neighbors this is a great product to make your smoking more discrete.