Taking The Hit: Black Sugar Rose from Sol Cultivations

My SEAL of approval.

Black Sugar Rose grown by Sol Cultivations

Black Sugar Rose grown by Sol Cultivations

     Before I had a chance to try Black Sugar Rose I felt like a graying tower alone by the sea.  I was feeling super anxious, unsure of what I should do. Wanting to shed a little light on this dark side of me, I decided maybe it's time to get lifted. I loaded up a bowl of some BSR and boom. Nothing but love remained. It was super tasty, a deep heavy smoke filled my lungs. Exhaling reminded me of times in the snow. The cloud was so thick my eyes became wide and any light that was shown could be seen.

     The only thing I could compare the high I felt to was getting your first kiss and a rose, except all I could see was grey. It's potent too. The more I got to smoking it, the stranger I felt. Which is a good thing for me. I felt like I could look out of my window in the dead of fall and watch the roses bloom in all this grey.

      There is so much I could tell you. It took close to nothing at all to get me high. It lasted too. That power which lead to pleasure right after the pain in my lungs subsided.
My only qualm is that I don't always have it. For a non addictive herb I feel a growing addiction I can't deny. Is that healthy? I don't know. All I can say is that the outside of the bud looked like a dust of crystals and snow. When you look at it, make sure your eyes are large and open. Use some light and shine it on there so the crystals can be seen.