Taking The Hit: Trinidad OG grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

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 Product: Trinidad OG Flower From Cascade Valley Cannabis

I was looking for nice relaxing Indica flower to use when getting home from work. I tend to only partake of cannabis flower when I get home from work and while I'm running weekday errands. While I love Sativa flower for its productive and buzzy high, using it in the evening can keep me from a getting a good nights sleep. Who wants to be up a three a.m. on a Wednesday planning the next ten years of their life ? Not this mamma!!!

Trinidad OG grown by Cascade Valley Cannabis

I chose Trinidad OG as my flower of choice this week because of its beautiful flowers, soft earthy skunk, and lemon aromas. Smoking the flower tasted amazing, like lemon and earth, and went down nice and smooth. It instantly gave me that wonderful body buzz that you would get from an Indica. I felt relief from my muscle tension and my mind felt calm and euphoric after about ten minutes in, tapering off into a happy disposition. But, even though it was relaxing, I also had the energy and drive needed to make dinner, get my little one ready for bed, bathed, lunches made and laundry folded. I then fell asleep with ease while feeling well rested and ready to slay the day the next morning.  One particular thing I also really enjoyed about this flower was how it peaked my creativity. Excellent choice for creative projects, general relaxation, evening time, hiking in the woods and singing in the shower. It also gave me quite a mood uplift.