Taking The Hit: CBD Honey Sticks from Bud Brothers Apothecary

CBD Honey Sticks from Bud Brother's Apothecary

CBD Honey Sticks from Bud Brother's Apothecary

As many of my co-workers know, I was in a bike crash which caused me to have cracked teeth, which then needed a root canal to be fixed (procedure was for the front, left tooth). I picked up two honey sticks before the procedure to help with any pain I may be experiencing afterwards. I got home from the dentist and was already starting to feel immense pain, before the Novocain even wore off, so I popped back both honey sticks on their own and wished for the best. (For dosing two honey sticks = 12 mg CBD, and slightly over 1mg THC.)

My wishes came true!!

The pain I had begun to experience was a severe throbbing headache, and a throbbing/ pressure feeling in my tooth which shot up to my nostrils. Within 30-45 minutes the pain had worn down to nothing, even though the Novocain was wearing off. No headache... and although I still couldn't bite with the tooth, all of the throbbing and discomfort had gone away entirely. I wasn't high at all, and even someone with a low tolerance should be in the clear with only 1mg of THC. With two sticks I do feel a general relaxation over my whole body, but not enough to make me tired/ groggy which higher doses of CBD can often do.

I had also used the honey sticks to help with discomfort immediately after the accident and they have really helped with the whole situation. It takes the pain from being a constant level of discomfort to feeling mostly normal again. While these sticks are a single, somewhat low-dose serving, they are a great natural alternative to OTC drugs like Advil or Tylenol. The honey is also locally sourced in Oregon so I could see them being great for allergies as well. If you have any discomfort or pain that isn't completely debilitating, but still constantly a bother in the back of your mind, these are a great option for quick, cheap and natural relief.