Taking The Hit: Perma Frost NR extract produced by White Label Extracts

Perma Frost NR produced by White Label Extracts. Made from flower grown by Butte Creek Farm. 

I've been a medical marijuana patient for a while now and I've come to rely heavily on cannabis to get through each day. I've been using a lot of extract lately, and White Label's consistency of excellence continues to amaze and delight me. Their Perma Frost Nug Run extract is no exception, and is processed very well. I especially like how White Label has listed the terpene profile for this strain right on the package. The Perma Frost is a Pull-N-Snap consistency with a yellowish/light amber color to it and has earthy, citrus, and floral notes to its smell.

Once smoked, it has a smooth, pleasant taste to it as well. This strain definitely feels like a Hybrid, as I felt both uplifting Sativa effects from it as well as relaxing Indica effects. It was helpful in taking away my body pain, yet also aided me in focusing and keeping my attention on one thing long enough to complete it. I also noticed how I was able to maintain my energy levels, as it didn't cause fatigue when it began to wear off. All in all, Perma Frost NR is a fantastic strain that I will definitely be purchasing again.