Taking The Hit: My Favorite Spot

Kacey watering the Doc Beast Clone

The Boise river cuts through the rolling golden hills of Western Idaho

Cliffs of black basalt flank the waterline.

Southwest of town below the reservoir lies Surprise Valley

And at the southern crest of this valley indeed there is a surprise.

Follow the Oregon Trail along the canyonside to mount the cliffs

Near the edge is a warning of crumbling rock and abrupt drop.

There you will discover a rift in the ground

And those brave enough will follow it down

Lemon OG grown by Dicot Farms


Between the igneous rock and out

to a cold seat on the cliffside

A gentle din of engines echoes through the canyon

A cold and ceaseless wind pierces your breast

A majestic view captivates us two

Cleansing our souls anew