Founded by a family of cannabis lovers and advocates for civil liberties, The Agrestic and her sister companies have grown by nurturing our passion since 2014.


Our goal is to provide you with an elevated cannabis experience. 

We work hard every day to overcome the stigma that decades of negative propaganda created.  At The Agrestic, you'll have an opportunity to purchase cannabis in a sophisticated environment that never leaves you feeling ashamed of where you've been. 

Cannabis is not a crime, it's a liberty and an indulgence.


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The word agrestic is popularly defined as meaning rural or rustic.  It springs from the latin agrestis, pertaining to the land, rustic, or wild.  An antiquated definition of the word agrestic, formerly used in botany, is "growing uncultivated" or, put another way, growing wild

That is to say, growing like a weed.

The word was scheduled to be removed from the dictionary because it had long fallen out of common usage.  Then the popular Showtime show "Weeds" created an imaginary town - Agrestic, California - in which the first three seasons are set.  Thus the word reentered the popular lexicon and was allowed continued houseroom in the dictionary.

We love the word agrestic for the way it elegantly rolls off the tongue.  We love it for having survived near extinction.  And we love it because growing wild is exactly what we Agresticans want to do.

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